The Rubberflex quality of excellence

One of the key factors to a good rubber thread can be traced back to its raw material (rubber latex) and its freshness upon extraction. We at Rubberflex have fully comprehended the importance of such variability as it is the freshness of the latex which determines the malleability and long lasting use of rubber threads.

To ensure that our latex is consistently fresh, we have maintained a close proximity between our manufacturing facility and extraction source. Together with our innovation, specialized care and attention to detail, we have succeeded in developing the ideal rubber threads to be used safely by various industries.

Rubberflex create exceptional latex rubber thread, providing best quality.

Why Rubberflex?

With our practical know-how and technical expertise, we take pride in being consistent in delivering high end products with high standards and requirements. We know exactly what is required when it comes to quality products. We are always ready to cater to your needs while having the requirements of your business in mind. Our prominence is highlighted by our lead in this competitive market with which we have become world renowned in our field. Key features of our rubber threads include heat resistance, high elastic durability and a long lasting use.


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