Company Philosophy

Since our inception in 1986, we have always strived for excellence in our field. Today, we pride ourselves for being the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced latex threads with international offices around the globe.

As a leader in our industry, we pledge to uphold our core principles:

  • To be pioneers of new industrial standards
  • To provide products of highest quality
  • To remain competitive with our innovations
  • To provide dependable service consistently

Our Commitment

We have held true to our commitment to serve customers worldwide for decades.

Being a reliable source for high-grade rubber threads will always be our obligation as leaders. While we give maximum priority to and consideration for our customers in the highest regard, we also believe strongly in serving with diligence. This is why we provide the best quality rubber to our customers and offer only the highest grade of such products. We cater to our customers’ requirements with finest service and finally we are never late, and are always careful to deliver our commitments and products to you.

Our Passion

Our success is very much attributed to our committed workforce of skilled talents who have always been passionate in our quest for excellence.


We operate on a high-end capacity to serve worldwide markets

Choice Selection

Our wide range of rubber thread products maintain a strict standard to fit various industries


With our innovative approach, we pave the way for advanced rubber threads


All our raw materials are carefully inspected beforehand to guarantee a superior rubber thread

Worldwide Capability

Our products of quality excellence are found internationally

Environmental Friendly

All our products are made from natural rubber, a renewable source which is non-petrochemical base